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745 Schuylkill Road, Phoenixville, PA • 610-948-9755
STORE HOURS: Mon-Thurs: 8am to 6pm • Fri: 8am to 8pm • Sat: 8am to 6pm • Sun: 9am to 5pm


Colonial Gardens has over 40 years experience in plant knowledge, customer service, landscape design and installation featuring an established business location stocked with extensive varieties of trees, shrubs, and perennials.

We provide a well thought out and solidly designed landscape which helps you eliminate future problems and ensures gained value over time. We make plant and placement choices that allow for proper growth and maintenance as your landscape matures. Colonial provides a high standard of quality backed up by a full plant warranty.


We offer programs that are custom designed to fit your needs:

Option 1 – In House Sketch
Bring us photos, measurements, and compass directions (north, south, east, west) and we can do a quick sketch at no cost. We offer free delivery with the purchase of $500 or more of plants.

Option 2 – House Call
Let us come to your house or business and answer your questions regarding landscaping options or solutions to landscaping problems. A rough sketch can be provided. Cost: $50 for the first hour and $40 per hour after that. For a quote, a free follow-up appointment will be made with the designer to discuss plant options and pricing.

Option 3 – Formal Landscape Design
Set up an appointment to have our experts come to your home or business and discuss your landscaping options. We will take pictures and measurements and draw up a formal to-scale design with an itemized plant and supply list. It takes approximately three weeks to complete a design. Upon completion, we will schedule an appointment at Colonial Gardens to review your design and plant choices and make any changes. All design fees will be applied to any installation of $3,000 or more. Cost: $300 for basic design (for example, front and side of house). Larger designs may cost more.

Arranging Installation

Upon approving your landscape design we will set up a date for your landscape installation. In most cases we are able to schedule installation within two to four weeks of design approval. Full payment is due only upon job completion (landscape design fee will be subtracted from final balance). All trees, shrubs, and perennials have a one year warranty. If requested, we will come out for no additional fee the following year to answer any of your concerns regarding your installation or future installations.

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