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Visit our gift shop for unique gifts!

Bird Houses, Food, and Feeders

Gardening is a great way to connect with nature and Pennsylvania is home to many species of amazing backyard birds. You can create a garden oasis for them with a combination of native plants and house, seeds, and feeders. Whether you are trying to feed little finches, jabbering jays, or cute chickadees, we have the perfect food for you.

Gifts & candles

Gifts and Candles

From garden accessories like flags, welcome mats, and gazing globes to indoor decor and gifts, our gift shop is teeming with unique gifts at all price points. Engage the senses with aromatic candles, the music of windchimes, and our specialty food section.


Need to get into the Christmas spirit? Colonial is known for our large selection of Christmas ornaments, gifts, and decor. You will see Christmas trees start to pop up in the late summer and by October, the gift shop has a wide variety of Christmas themes. Make us a Christmas tradition with gifts, Christmas trees, and our Christmas at Colonial Light Show.

Christmas gift shop
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