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STORE HOURS: Mon-Sat: 9am to 5:30pm • Sun: 11am to 5pm


With a wide variety of products, our refund policy varies by items and sales. In order to bring back an item, you must bring the receipt or, if the item was purchased with a card, it may be looked up with the last four digits of the card within 90 days of purchase. We can only give cash refunds for eligible items paid for originally in cash. Managers have discretion on determining whether an item is eligible for a refund based on condition.

Full refunds can be made for the following, provided they are unopened/undamaged:

  • Non-seasonal gifts, pottery, other hardgoods returned within 90 days of purchase
  • Seasonal gift items returned prior to those items going on discount
  • Perennials, shrubs, and trees returned within 3 days of purchase, provided they are in good condition and in the original pot
red maple

We can provide store credit for:

  • A tree or shrub that has died and is still under warranty
  • An item purchased using Colonial Cash or Bonus Bucks
  • Seasonal gift items returned after that merchandise has gone on sale (store credit up to the newly discounted price)

We cannot offer a refund or store credit for:

  • Any annuals, including veggies, herbs, and fruits
  • Any houseplants
  • Perennials returned after 3 days
  • Trees or shrubs no longer under warranty
  • Any produce such as pumpkins and gourds
  • Cut Christmas trees, cut greens, or fresh cut holiday items
  • Event Tickets

Payment Methods and Conditions:
We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, checks, and mobile payments. Due to high transaction fees, we have a credit card purchase minimum of $5.00. We do not offer payment on account.

1 yr. 100% Warranty: “Our warranty covers the full cost of trees and shrubs (excluding fruit trees, roses, and perennials) for 12 months from the date of purchase. To make a claim, return the dead tree or shrub with this validated warranty form and we will issue a credit which may be used towards a replacement or any other merchandise. This warranty covers only trees and shrubs that were planted in the ground, rather than kept in their pot or another container, and does not cover aesthetic damage due to deer, wind, insects, or winter conditions that do not impact the survivability of the plant.”

Trees & shrubs in the fall

How Customers can Claim the Warranty:

In order for the warranty to be valid, the customer must have a validated warranty slip, which lists the type of tree or shrub, the price, the quantity, the date, and the signature of the person writing the warranty attached to their receipt. They must also have the dead tree/shrub with them (some exceptions may be made if the tree is too large).

Please note that the warranty does not cover aesthetic damage caused by deer, wind, or winter conditions. Plants that are alive, or simply past their season of interest, cannot be returned for a refund or to cash in on the warranty. Replacement trees and shrubs do not receive a warranty.

Items the Warranty Does Not Cover:

  • Fruit trees and shrubs (ex. Apple trees, blueberry bushes, etc)
  • Perennials (including roses), annuals, and houseplants
  • Shrubs on sale at 50% or in the “Second Chance” section
  • Replacement trees and shrubs
  • The delivery or labor related to the original plant
  • Trees and shrubs purchased by a landscaper using their contractor discount

Your planting success is important to us! If you have a question about the health of a plant you purchased, bring in a picture and a sample of the affected plant and we can assist you in diagnosing the problem. Give us a call at 610-948-9755 or bring in samples of the plant, or pictures to assist us in helping you.


Dogs are allowed on grounds so long as they are leashed, friendly, and picked up after. Dog owners should keep into consideration your pets’ personality and preferences when bringing them to Colonial.
Dogs are not allowed on our hayride, in the hayjump, or on grounds during our nighttime Haunted events. Owners are responsible for keeping their dogs and others safe while on grounds. Owners are also responsible for preventing their dog from damaging merchandise or grounds.
Colonial reserves the right to ask any dog and their owner to leave at any point. We’ve never had to do that before! Let’s keep that streak going!


Customers must wear shoes while on grounds at Colonial Gardens. We are a working garden center with heavy machinery and potential hazards for bare feet. Please, always wear shoes.


As a family-friendly establishment, we ask that customers limit smoking to the parking lot in areas away from mulch or straw. There is no smoking inside any of the buildings, in the shrub and perennial beds, or in our event areas.


We offer delivery on products within 8 miles of the store. Bulk and bagged products have a $50 delivery charge. Fresh flower arrangements have a $15 delivery fee. The delivery fee on fresh flowers is waived on funeral pieces of $100 being delivered for a funeral service.

Special Orders

As a general rule, we cannot place special orders. Our inventory is heavily dependent on our growers and other suppliers. That being said, if there is a product that you are interested in that we don’t have, please mention it to one of our staff members! We like to know what you’re interested in and may be able to get that product or plant in the future.

Holding Items

As a general rule, we do not hold items for customers. The only exception may be for trees that are purchased and picked up within one week of purchase.

Landscaper/Contract Discounts

We offer landscapers and other contracts discounted pricing for items purchased for work. This includes 20% off live greengoods and 10% off hardgoods. Plants purchased with a contractor’s discount do not receive a warranty or Colonial Cash. Contractors must present a form of ID, such as a business card or company card at the time of purchase in order to use their discount.


Please visit our Community Involvement page to better understand donation and discount requests.

Coupons and Deals

In general, coupons and specials cannot be combined. Coupons cannot be used to get discounts on cut Christmas trees, custom items, sale items, or labor or delivery.

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