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fall planter

Building a Successful Fall Planter

Fall annuals have arrived with a punch of deep colors and interesting textures. If your…

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butterfly on flower

Gardening for Butterflies

Go Native Native butterflies evolved alongside our native plants, making certain native plant species the…

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Plants for Wet Conditions

A list of wet tolerant perennials, trees and shrubs, as well as answers to what poor drainage is, why it occurs, and how you can solve the issue.


Shade Tolerant Plants

A list of shade tolerant plants and an explanation of what “shady conditions” really means.

Crabapple tree

Native Plants

This brochure provides a list of native species that Colonial Gardens often carries in its inventory. Please note that some of the plants in this section may not be native to our particular area of PA and may be native to surrounding states.


Deer Resistant Plants

This list shows plants that generally are not attractive to deer.

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