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Colonial Gardens offers the largest selection of trees and shrubs in the area with staff who can help you select the perfect plants to fit your needs. With hundreds of quality species and cultivars to select from, we are a one-stop shop for all your plant needs.

One-Year Warranty

Colonial Gardens is confident in the quality of the trees and shrubs we supply to our customers. We provide a one year warranty for our trees and shrubs. If your tree or shrub dies within the first year after purchase, we will replace your plant or offer your store credit.

Warranties are written at the time of purchase. Customers should save the warranty with the receipt in order to claim the warranty if necessary. If a customer is having issues with their tree or shrub, we encourage you to call 610-948-9755 so that we may assist you in caring for your plant. Some exclusions apply such as fruit trees and shrubs, roses, and clearance items.

Successful Planting Tips

We want you to enjoy your shrubs and trees for many years to come. Proper planting and care for the first few months are critical to ensuring your plant thrives. Here are some tips for a successful planting:

  • Mix in soil amendment: Suburban soil is often compacted and low on essential nutrients for your plant. We recommend mixing in Bumper Crop Soil Builder, which will add compost and improve the quality of the soil. Using a 50/50 mix of Bumper Crop and the existing soil as you plant your tree will help roots establish.
  • Water Consistently: When you plant a tree in a new environment, it will dedicate its growth to establishing strong roots. This requires consistent watering, especially in the summer, to ensure that the roots are able to grow as the plant adjusts. Water your tree every few days.
  • Mulch: Mulching around the base of your tree not only looks great, but also protects the roots of your plant and reduces water evaporation. Mulching in the summer helps keep the soil moist, and mulching in the spring and winter protects the roots from the cold. Be sure to pull mulch away from the trunk and mulch out to the drip line.
  • Call us if you’re concerned: Plants are living things that need care and are affected by weather and pests. Let us be your plant doctors to help you diagnose your plant problems and recommend treatments. You can always bring in photos or samples of the affected plant to help us better help.

Professional Plant Installation

Take your worries away by letting our professional planting team install your plants. If you are interested in a professional landscape design and possible installation, we recommend visiting this page to understand the options we offer. Colonial Gardens also offers professional plant installation for plants you select at our store. In general, the planting fee will equal the cost of the plant and will include the planting, soil amendment, and mulching around the plant to increase the chances of success.

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