Colonial Gardens has over 40 years experience
in plant knowledge, landscape design and installation
featuring an established business location stocked
with extensive varieties of trees, shrubs, and perennials.

We provide a well thought out and solidly designed landscape
which helps you eliminate future problems and ensures
gained value over time.

We make plant and placement choices that allow for
proper growth and maintenance as your landscape
matures. Colonial provides a high standard
of quality backed up by a full plant warranty.

We offer programs that are custom designed to fit your needs:
  • Option 1 – In House Sketch
  • Option 2 – House Call
  • Option 3 – Formal Landscape Design

  • Types of Installations
  • New homeowners
  • Existing landscapes that have become overgrown or need revitalizing.
  • Institutional plantings for businesses, schools,
    or organizations.
  • Perennial or blooming plant gardens.

  • For full details, please see the link below for a
    downloadable/printable .pdf file.
    Click here for web brochure.