2017 Calendar of Events
Classes at Colonial

Saturday March 25th
10am to 12pm: Fairy Gardening Cost $40
Take part in one of the hottest trends in gardening. Colonial
will provide a garden box, decorative stones, plants, and
instructions on how to create your own fairy garden. All
additional accessories are 20% off during the seminar.

1pm to 3pm: Terrarium Gardening Cost $35
Yes, the fad of the 70's is back in style. A simple,
low maintenance indoor garden, terrariums make a great
conversation piece and are easy to mainain. Colonial
will provide the terrarium, soil,charcoal, plants,
and instructions.

3pm to 5pm: Landscaping With Color
Learn how to effectively create year round
color and have a low maintenance landscape

For June through December
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